NoSquint 2.0.4

Make websites easier to read


  • Customizable to the max
  • Saves settings between browser restarts
  • You can add filters for certain exceptions


  • It would be great if this idea could be exported to other browsers

Very good

Some people may have trouble reading certain websites, due to their choice of text size, color combination and background images. If you're among them, you should try NoSquint.

NoSquint is a Firefox plug-in that enables you to adapt web pages to your visual problems. You can zoom in the text if it's too small , remove a confusing background, use a more readable text color or make links easier to distinguish.

NoSquint has a comprehensive configuration menu that allows you to adapt it to your needs. The selected settings apply to the sites as soon as you open them in your browser, but can also be tweaked on the spot from NoSquint's icon in the bottom-right corner.

Settings in NoSquint are saved between Firefox restarts, though you can configure the program to 'forget' them after a certain period of time, and also set some filters for certain websites.

NoSquint will enable people with visual problems to browse the web more comfortably.



NoSquint 2.0.4

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